The House of Secrets - Book 4


The past does not sleep soundly.

Annie O’Malley has been signed off work and forced to take a holiday. With a lead on her missing sister, Annie travels north with DI Swift and together they rent a small cottage in the village where Mim was last spotted.

Only, the village has a dark history of its own.

The cottage was home to a family who haven’t been seen in over forty years. Their things still packed away in the basement, awaiting their return. It's a macabre destination for the dark tourist, and the rest of the village isn't much more welcoming.

When Annie is awoken by strange noises, her belongings moved or missing, she tries to talk to the small community about what happened twenty years ago. But the villagers don’t want to talk. In fact, they don’t want Annie and Swift there at all.

As their aggression mounts, Annie wonders if the cottage is haunted by the ghosts of the family, or the secrets of the living?

The fourth in the best-selling O'Malley & Swift series; can Annie find her missing sister before the ghosts of the past awaken?