Vanishing Act


Even in the world of magic, nothing disappears without a trace.

When the celebrated illusionist, Gabriel Mirage, is found dead in the midst of his own vanishing act, O’Malley and Swift are thrust into a realm where the truth is as elusive as the disappearing act itself.

As the duo peel back the layers of deception, a fierce rivalry between magicians comes to light, and a clandestine society within the community is discovered. 

When Swift does a vanishing act of his own, it’s a race against time for the rest of the team to unravel cryptic messages, decode ancient secrets, and navigate a world where reality and illusion blur.

But is this world secret enough to kill for? And will O’Malley and Swift find out just how far they’re willing to go to keep it that way?

Because nothing is as it seems, and the search for answers may prove more dangerous than any magical illusion.

The ninth and most mysterious instalment yet in one of the hottest new crime series, perfect for fans of JD Kirk, LJ Ross, Alex Smith, J M Dalgliesh, and Val McDermid.