Still Waters


Still waters run deep 

In the midst of a local New Year's Eve celebration a teen boy emerges from the legendary Lowanford Lake. Missing for nearly a week, his skin bloated and covered in sores from the water, it’s a miracle he’s alive.

The legend weaves stories of the lake’s miraculous waters—warm and luminescent—possessing the power to heal all afflictions.

But the legend is soon questioned when the next day a body floats to the surface.

And when another teen boy goes missing, Annie and Swift are up against the clock to find him before he succumbs to the water too.

What is it that’s luring these young men to the lake? And why are they willing to risk their lives to find it?

The eighth and creepiest instalment yet in one of the hottest new crime series, perfect for fans of JD Kirk, LJ Ross, Alex Smith, J M Dalgliesh, and Val McDermid.